Why Ozone?

Why Ozone?

June 03, 20242 min read

Ozone therapy is used to manage bacteria and various other conditions because ozone has strong antimicrobial properties. It can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast.

Ozone's antimicrobial action is attributed to its ability to disrupt the integrity of bacterial cell walls through oxidation. This oxidative stress damages the cell walls, leading to the destruction of the bacteria. Additionally, ozone therapy can stimulate the immune system, enhancing the body's natural defense mechanisms to fight infections more effectively. When applied through ear insufflation, ozone gas enters the ear canal and immediately crosses the blood-brain barrier for rapid distribution of the gas effectively reaching all the tissues of the body. This method is considered minimally invasive.

The use of ear insufflation ozone therapy is particularly beneficial for managing ear infections, sinus infections, and other conditions where the antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties of ozone can be directly applied to the affected areas. I can also help mitigate the damages from Candida over-growth, Lyme Disease, and Parasite infestations, as well as help oxygenate tissues which is helpful for those with cancer. Follow the instructions and only use it for a maximum of 5 mins each session up to twice per day. It's a complementary approach, often considered when conventional treatments are ineffective, undesirable, or as a preventive measure to bolster the body's resistance to infection.

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